HBS Chef

🎵Meet the Executive Chef and Owner🎵
Hot Butter Soul is an African American Woman owned business under the leadership of Executive Chef Keeya Benson assisted by her amazing family, husband: Kevin Benson and sons: Javonn and Kevin …it’s really a Family Affair!
Chef Benson has over seventeen years of experience in the culinary industry as a Caterer, Hospitality Director, Personal Chef and Restauranteur. She brings with her a plethora of culinary knowledge and impeccable business acumen to head up this awesome organization.
Chef Keeya is “hustle” personified an absolute go-getter that has a strong work ethic and a spirit of excellence. She also fuses a customer service driven mindset placing that first and foremost to ensure her customers have an entire experience!
Pennsauken graciously welcomes Hot Butter Soul Supper Club with open arms! HBS is truly where purpose meets culinary excellence. Chef Keeya brings you the ultimate black excellence experience through her “Couture Soulfood”.
At HBS Chef believes she is a problem solver, bringing the solution of great food, consistency and innovation to that area.